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The RC Buggy Shop is the shop online for RC Buggy lovers made by RC Buggy lovers! We always wanted to have the newest RC Buggies for the lowest prices, we discovered that there was no place on the internet were you get a good deal for a good quality RC Buggy. So we made our own shop, like we said earlier for RC Buggy lovers by RC Buggy lovers.

Cheap RC Buggies

An RC Buggy is not the regular RC car. The RC Buggy has a little but strong Engine that gives the Buggy a lot power. The wheels and the springs on a RC Buggy make sure the RC Buggy can drive on every underground.Buying or getting an RC Buggy is the perfect gift for someone who loves action, adventure, good manoeuvrings and a lot of speed!

Our RC Buggies are from high quality. We also sell RC Buggy Parts in our online shop. All owners of a RC Buggy have a point where they need to replace a Part of their RC Buggy. We have very good offers and low prices for all RC Buggy Parts so we hope, we will see you back in our store when the time comes!

Take a look at our shop and get flabbergasted by our big assortment of remote control buggies and low prices. We stand for quality because we know, as RC Buggy fans ourselves, how important quality is. We have selected our products with care and hope you will find the RC Buggy you want. We wish you a lot of fun driving and hopefully not crashing your RC Buggy!

Cheap Electric RC Buggies

Who thinks an Electric RC Buggies have no power may think again. An Electric RC Buggy is powered by a small but powerful electric motor and is rechargeable. Electric RC Buggy For Sale HereThere are three kind of available on nowadays market:

- nickel-cadmium cells
- nickel metal hydride cells and
- lithium polymer cells

There are also brushed or brushless electric motors but that is a rather technical story. Click on the Electric RC Buggy image on the right to see our listings!

Cheap Gas RC Buggies

Nicknames like "Fuelie" or "Gasser" are common in the world of Gas RC Buggies. The Gas RC Buggy runs on gasoline and oil premixed. They do not Gas RC Buggy For Sale Hereneed a lot of fuel to run like the Nitro RC Buggy. The Gas RC Buggy is much bigger then his two little brothers: Electric RC Buggy and Nitro RC Buggy. The Gas RC Buggy is next to the biggest one also the most expensive to purchase. When you want to buy an Gas RC Buggy you will need a big space to drive it with.
Overall the Gas RC Buggy is not as quick as his two little brothers, it has less power on the end. Over time the Gas RC Buggy costs less fuel, needs rarely tuning and has a very long lifespan. Click the image on the left for all our top listings! Buying a Gas RC Buggy is having the real deal!

Cheap Nitro RC Buggies

Fast, Faster, the Fastest. When you buy an Nitro RC Buggy you do not have to worry that your RC Buggy is the slowest of the neighborhood. Probably it is the fastest of the block! Nitro RC Buggies are completely air cooled, and can run long periods of time without breaking. They are only available in scale 1: 10 and smaller. Why is the Nitro RC Buggy so appealing? I answer this question in the following points:Nitro RC Buggy For Sale Here

- great sound
- tuning them is fun
- they are the fastest
- can drive a long time without stopping

Some negativ points of the Nitro RC Buggy is that the parts has to be cleaned more often then a other RC Buggy. The Nitro Fuel is expensive. We just wrote the pro's and con's to buy a Nitro RC Buggy but you must decide if you want to buy this speed monster or rather like a other RC Buggy. Eitherway you will have fun!
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We already wrote that we have a big assortment of RC Buggy products! Are you curious about the other RC Buggy Listings? Beneath we have selected our other categorized RC Buggy listings. Do you want to search something you can use our search bar on the top of the site or look into our categorized menu on the right of the site! Have fun shopping here!

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